• September 09, 2016

    Celebrating the end of GYZE successful Europe tour we decided to make a “thanks to fans, special meting in Supporo“

    September 09, 2016

    GYZE became the first Japanese band to perform at one of the biggest European Metal Fests SUMMER BREEZE O. A. (Germany), and More//Than//Fest (Slovakia)! And we could do it thanks to you, our dear fans.
    To express our gratitude and appreciation we decided to organize a two-days “thanks to fans, special meeting in Sapporo“.

    DAY1 「Recording&Special ramen from Shuji @R-BOTTOM」
    Day1 FBpage

    Also at DAY1 we’ll share with you tour reports, you’ll get a chance to prelisten some new songs, taste special ramen cooked by Shuji,
    And record the chorus for a song that will be included in GYZE new album. (Different than that recorded in Tokyo)
    Your voice will be heard in our new song and your name will appear in credits to our new CD!

    First time we did such project in Tokyo, but we thought that it would be great to realize it again in our hometown!
    ・ Tasting unique ramen cooked by Shuji at マメ屋リターンズ
    ・New song chorus recording
    ・Information about European tour
    ・Prelistening of the new songs
    ・T-Shirts for free

    7pm – Open 7:30pm – Start
    Price:6000¥ (T-Shirt &1drink incl.)
    Place:Heavy Metal Bar R-BOTTOM

    Book tickets at:rbottomhimself@gmail.com

    Day 2 「BBQ & fishing」
    Day2 FBpage

    At DAY2 we’ll meet at natureto get to know each other better!
    Beginners in fishing are also warmly welcomed!
    We also plan to arrange a small fishing master class by Ryoji!

    DAY1 「Recording&Special ramen frothis uji @R-BOTTOM」g)✴︎in case of the strong rain tthis his event will be cancelled

    Price:5000¥ (incl. tax & BBQ ingredients); please bring drinks and fishing equipment with you.