• March 28, 2017

    GYZE JAPAN TOUR Additional schedule!!

    March 28, 2017

    GYZE anouced the additional schedule for Japan Tour. Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Kyoto were added!!



    4/16(Sun) Sapporo  Cube Garden  


    OPEN 18:00  / START18:30

    ADV ¥3000  / DOOR¥3500 ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket  ■ eplus.jp ■Lawson Ticket ( L:11665)  ■R-Bottom

    info @ Cube Garden 011-210-9500

    4/22(Sat) Nagoya Tight Rope   

    Guest:Each Of The Days,Unveil Raze

    Open 18:30  Start 19:00

    ADV¥3000   / DOOR ¥3500 ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp ■Lawson Ticket(L:46057)■Pia(P:326-531)

    info JAIL HOUSE 052-936-6041

    4/23(Sun) Osaka club vijon   

    Guest:No Limited Spiral, BLOOD STAIN CHILD

    Open 18:30  Start 19:00

    ADV ¥3000  / DOOR¥3500  ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■ eplus.jp

    Info club vijon 06-6539-7411

    5/25(Thu) Sendai MACANA


    Open 17:30  Start 18:00

    ADV ¥3000  / DOOR ¥3500 ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp ■Lawson Ticket(L:22716)■Pia(P:327-909)

    Information MACANA 022-262-5454

     5/28(Sun) Kawasaki Club Citta’ 


    with GALNERYUS、Aldious、摩天楼オペラ

    Open 16:00 Start 17:00

    ADV¥4800  / DOOR¥5300 ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp ■Lawson Ticket(L:76283)■Pia(P:322-701)

    Information citta’  044-246-8888

    6/1(Thu) Hiroshima Second Crutch  


    Open 18:30  Start 19:00

    ADV. ¥2500  / DOOR ¥3000  ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp (3/31発売)

    Information  SECOND CRUTCH 082-249-7363

    6/3(Sat)Hakata gref

    「Fuckin Kush Night」CRACK HOUSE presents  

    with UNDER CREW, DreadnoughT, Edge Of Death and more… DJ:420Jr, Zilch, U-1

    Open 19:30 Start20:00

    ADV ¥2500 / DOOR ¥3000  ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■http://crackhouse.shop-pro.jp/  (3/31  On sale)

    information crackhouse420.com

    6/4(Sun)Kyoto MOJO  

    Guest : そこに鳴る、Nameless One

    Open 17:30   Start18:00

    ADV ¥3000 / DOOR¥3500 ※All Ticket +1drink fee2

    Ticket ■eplus.jp (3/31 On Sale)

    Information  MOJO 075-254-7707

     7/22(Sat) Osaka Club Vijion    

    one man live

    Open 18:00 Start 19:00

    ADV¥3,500/ DOOR¥4,500  ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp   (4/28on sale)

    Information   club vijon 06-6539-7411

    7/23(San) Nagoya ZION  

    *one man live

    Open 18:00  Start 19:00

    ADV¥3,500/ DOOR¥4,500  ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket ■eplus.jp  ■Lawson Ticket(L:45197)■Pia(P:327-638) (4/28 on sale)

    information JAIL HOUSE 052-936-6041

    7/25(Tue) Shibuya Tsutaya O-East    

    *one man live

    Open 18:30   Start19:30

    ADV ¥3,500 / DOOR¥4,500 ※All Ticket +1drink fee

    Ticket advance sales■http://eplus.jp/gyze/ 3/31 on sale (Fri) 12:00 ~ 4/15(Sat) 23:59

    Ticket ■ http://eplus.jp/gyze/ ■Lawson Ticket(L:72732)■Pia(P:327-851) 4/28 on sale

    information Tsutaya O-East 03-5458-4681