• April 04, 2018

    GYZE to release the first single!

    April 04, 2018

    The new single features the title track 「龍吟」composed supporting the 「Hokkaido 150th Anniversary project」and a number of yet not released songs!
    GYZE top
    This year Hokkaido celebrates its 150th anniversary.
    The main theme of the songs is Hokkaido, having only 150 years if history behind, looking forward to the future.
    Supporting the release GYZE will go on a solo tour in Japan performing in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and hometown Sapporo!
    As always, performing at the fests and touring overseas, GYZE continues its way to becoming the world class metal band! Stay Tuned!
    CD single 「龍吟」, the songs supporting Hokkaido 150th anniversary project!
    2. 龍吟 (Ryuugin)
    3. 龍神 (LIVE ver.) (Ryuujin)
    Release date: June 13th(Wed)
    Price: ¥1500


    ※ 龍吟 – Ryuugin – Singing dragon
    ※ 龍神 – Ryuujin – God of Dragons

    Also, we announce a limited edition goods set sale. The package will include T-shirts and a DVD showing the atmosphere of 70000tons of Metal cruise, GYZE were the first Japanese band to perform at. Only 100 sets to be sold!
    スクリーンショット 2018-03-27 17.09.20

    Special package limited to the single「龍吟」

    (to be shipped in the first decade of June.)

    The package includes:

    ① CD single 「龍吟」 (song for Hokkaido 150th anniversary, and other songs that have never been released yet!)


    2. 龍吟

    3. 龍神 (LIVE ver.)

    ② DVD 「70000 tons of Metal」

    The road movie that tells our story from our departure from Japan, participation in 70000tons of Metal with its unbelievable atmosphere, to our coming back to Japan.

    ③ T-shirt 「龍吟 cover art design」

    Design to be revealed.

    ④ T-shirt 「70000 tons of Metal」

    Limited to the cruise special Japanese-like design created by Ryoji.

    More details

    GYZE tour supporting 「龍吟」 release

    6/8 (Fri)Shibuya, club ASIA

    6/9(Sat)Osaka, club VIJON

    6/10(Sun)Nagoya, club ZION

    6/22(Fri)Sapporo, KRAPS HALL

    Doors 18:00 Start 18:30

    Pre-sale ¥3500 At doors ¥4000 (+ drink)

    Some shows include guest appearances