GYZE top

  • Shuji (Dr)
  • Ryoji (G/Vo)
  • Aruta (Ba/Vo)
  • ・GYZE forerunner band SUICIDE HEAVEN was formed. Self-produced release of the EP「…future ages」
    ・Relocating from Hokkaido to Tokyo. Start of music activity there.
    ・Changing the name to GYZE after Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami disaster. Self-produced release of the EP 「Without Hesitation」
    ・Starting production of the 1st full-length album through Italian label Coroner Records.
    ・June 4th – release of the 1st album「FASCINATING VIOLENCE」 in Europe through Coroner Records.
    ・July 6th – live in Shibuya Cyclone, supporting the release.
    ・Tour with shows in Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Fukuoka.
    ・September 3rd – major release of the 1st album in Japan through Victor Entertainment. At the same time releases in Taiwan through MAGNUM, and in South Korea through EVOLUTION MUSIC.
    ・Signing band management contract with HOWLING BULL, Japan.
    ・October 24th – start of the「FINAL VIOLENCE」 tour; shows in Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo (Japan), and performing for the first time in Asia (South Korea and Taiwan). The tour was a great success.
    ・November 26th – tour final show at TSUTAYA O-WEST, Tokyo. Was SOLD OUT.
    ・Additional solo show at Roppongi Blue Theater (now Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi).
    ・February 25th – the 2nd album 「BLACK BRIDE」 major release in Japan through Victor Entertainment.
    ・May 16th – start of the 「BLACK BRIDE TOUR 2015」in Japan.
    ・June 6th – World release of the 2nd album.
    ・June 11th – tour final show at Tsutaya O-EAST, Tokyo. Was SOLD OUT.
    ・September 12th – Start of the 「BLACK BRIDE WORLD TOUR」 having first solo shows abroad, first live in Europe (Germany), and supporting such bands as DragonForce, Children Of Bodom, and Carcass on their Asia tours.
    ・October 11th – performance at LOUD PARK 2015 metal festival.
    ・January – Shuji becomes an endorser of UFiP cymbals Bionic series. Aruta becomes an endorser of DR strings.
    January 21st – first SHUJI solo drum live.
    ・February 22nd – start of SOILWORK’s 「The Ride Majestic Tour in Japan 2016」with GYZE supporting them on all the shows
    ・Immediately after finishing the tour – start of the 3rd album recording.
    ・March – Ryoji becomes an endorser of Jackson Guitars Bloodline series.
    ・June – GYZE announce Nanohana guitar cover contest. 3 winners will get a chance to participate in a new album recording.
    ・July 9th – Start of the BLACK FOX World Tour with a show in South Korea w/ Midian
    ・August 10th, 11th – GYZE 5th Anniversary Special 2 Days Live. Recording chorus for the upcoming 3rd album songs with fans right at the venue.
    ・Huge GYZE advert poster appears at Shibuya crossing (biggest crossroads in the World)
    ・August 18th – start of the first Europe tour called (within BLACK FOX World Tour) with performances on one of the biggest metal festivals – SUMMER BREEZE (Germany), metal festival MORE// THEN//FEST (Slovakia) – and finishing the successful tour for European metalheads with a solo tour final show in Poland.
    ・September – GYZE start cooperation with German metal booking agency Dragon Productions.
    ・1st-2nd October – Special 2 days event “Thanks to fans, Special meeting in Sapporo”.
    ・December 27th – release of an official video on a song Dead Bone Blue from the upcoming 3rd album.
    ・February 14th – release of an official lyrics video on a song Pirates of Upas from the upcoming 3rd album.
    ・March 2nd – release of an official music video on a song The Bloodthirsty Prince from the upcoming 3rd album.
    ・March 2nd – April 9th – Great 35 shows Europe tour with Battle Beast (Finland) & Majesty (Germany).
    ・March 29th – Japan release of 3rd album 「NORNERN HELL SONG」 from Universal Music Japan/Virgin.
    ・April 16th – April 23rd 「NORTHERN HELL SONG JAPAN TOUR」
    ・May 6th – GYZE perform at Loud∞Out festival with Loudness, Outrage & Galneryus.
    ・May 28th – Performance at Pure Rock Japan live 2015
    ・May 25th – June 1st-4th – 「NORTHERN HELL SONG JAPAN TOUR」
    ・ July 14th – 25th – 「JAPAN ONA MAN TOUR」 supporting the new album Northern Hell Song release.
    More to come… Stay tuned! \m/